001 - Launching Intergalactic Tarboush!

Iyad and Ahmed officially launch a new podcast - Intergalactic Tarboush! Their first conversation includes all sorts of interesting titbits from the worlds of politics, science and human rights activism.

Episode timetags:

00:48 - Intro to Intergalactic Tarboush

01:30 - Knowledge bases - using Roam as a writing tool

03:45 - Gorillas, evolution and religious sentiment

06:00 - Prophet Adam in the Shi'a tradition

08:45 - Historical growth of Christianity

10:00 - Eclectic activism

12:50 - √Čric Zemmour

15:00 - French Political Spectrum and Muslims

About the Podcast

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Intergalactic Tarboush
Eclectic conversations from the Middle East

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