Episode 11

011 - Why is Steven Seagal such an Asshole?

Iyad and Ahmed continue talking about why the long-term prospects and strategic situation of Egypt are so depressing, why Steven Seagal is such an asshole and ideological polical opposition in Saudi Arabia.

Episode Timetags:

00:00: Egypt's troubles

04:20: 'Syriana,' the movie

06:30: Alaska and global trade

07:30: Why is Steven Seagal such an asshole?

10:00: The privilege to insulate yourself from self-awareness

15:40: A new study on Universal Basic Income: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/new-leaf-project-results-1.5752714

19:00: Saudi political parties and ideological opposition

22:00: Mustafa Akyol's book, 'Islam without Extremes'

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